For whom

  • For 1 billion patients with viral hepatitis B according to WHO
  • For patients aged 12 to 80 with no liver cirrhosis according to the Child-Pugh classification
  • For patients with the previously received treatment and got no sustained virologic response
  • For patients with co-infection (HIV, hepatitis C)

The negative effects of hepatitis B

The negative effects of hepatitis B

How Meravir will improve your life

How Meravir will improve your life

After 6-12 months of treatment, your body will have no viral load, which will lead to the following improvements:

  • Liver tissue regeneration
  • Immune system recovery, increase of T and B lymphocytes
  • GI function recovery
  • Endocrine system recovery
  • Reduction of the toxic load on the liver, which, in turn, leads to brain activity improvement
  • The virus absence, in general, makes a person healthy, relieving chronic fatigue and sleep problems

Revolutionary active ingredients

The main active substances of the new medicine are refogravir and sufamenavir. Refogravir acts as an HBV protease inhibitor; it prevents virus replication in the infected cells. In its turn, sufamenavir is an RNA polymerase inhibitor. It takes an active part in increasing the number of virus copies. It is not recommended to interrupt Meravir treatment without a valid reason because it is necessary to maintain a constant concentration of active substances in the blood in order to destroy the virus. The treatment course and duration are defined only by a treating doctor!


Payment and delivery terms

The delivery of the medicine is carried out by international courier services after receiving the 100% prepayment from the client

*to order wholesale lots, write to Telegram
Drug photo

Justification of the price

These medicines were donated by the Panacea Infarm company to the governments of the third world countries as part of a UN humanitarian mission, signed in 2019. All the patients participating in the mission were provided with the medicines in full. To date, the rest of the medicine has been passed to commercial companies for funds implementation to purchase further consignments of medicine. The Panacea Infarm company does not engage in retail trade and assigns these rights to third parties. In this case, our company Lek Partner has got the opportunity to sell a limited quantity of medicine with an expiration date coming to an end, and reserves the right for retail sales. You can buy Meravir on our website, sending a message in Telegram.

Lek Partner – international pharmaceutical broker company

Important announcement for buyers

Panacea Infarm company reports that color and shape of pills in the new batch released in November 2021 will have new shape and color
It is connected with production re-equipment and purchase of new components and dyes
It is standard company practice, so patients should be informed about this technical documentation
In the image you can see on the right side old-style pull, on the left side new-style pill
Please remember, this is an original product of the company Panacea Infarm